Discover the 4-Step Formula That Gives You Permanent Flow In Your Prosperity, Your Manifestation, Your Intuition And Your Power!

Introducing A Brand New 10-Day Self Study Program!

Dear Friend,


From the moment you entered a formal education, you were taught a specific formula for success where you set a goal, make a plan and work hard to reach the goal. It was reinforced over and over again that your efforts would be rewarded.


This is a formula that can absolutely work to reach a goal but what it does NOT take into consideration are all the energy blocks that can get in the way which make this formula even HARDER to achieve success such as:


  • Fear based internal beliefs that block you from receiving what you desire.
  • Self sabotaging behavior that leads you to procrastination, addictive behavior or overwhelm.
  • Losing passion or energy for going after what you want because of feelings of failure or frequent burnout.
  • Any limiting belief that leads to thoughts of self judgement, inner criticism, failure or being unworthy, undeserving or unlovable or lack in any area of your life.
  • Old painful stories from the past that trigger you into low vibration thinking and behavior.


In addition, this old school success formula doesn’t guarantee happiness, joy or fulfillment on the journey of achieving your goal.


My personal journey to transforming fear based thinking


Early on in my career I worked very hard to achieve my professional goals using the old school formula for success and it did pay off. It led me to many great successes including managing multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 Companies and becoming VP Marketing of a 4 billion dollar financial institution while still in my 20's.

Unfortunately, with each new career success I suffered frequent periods of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and burnout that cost me mentally, emotionally and physically. After years of a constant cycle of working hard and then hitting severe burnout, it ultimately affected my finances, my health and my marriage.

All that changed one morning in an unexpected turn of events.

One day in the Spring of 2004 in a completely surreal experience, I downloaded for the first time my life's calling - to teach soul alignment. By that time, I was an author, energy worker, international speaker and had my own marketing consulting company.

I thought this was a cosmic joke and the universe sent me the wrong message because I had no idea what soul alignment was, why it was important or how to get there, let alone teach it.


It triggered internal fears of feeling like a fraud, being scared to be visible, feeling completely confused and having no idea how to move forward with the calling that was given to me.

The start of a 20 year spiritual journey...

This was the start of a 20-year journey of surrendering to the universe, delving deep into energy practices and my spiritual path, downloading master teachings from the universe, learning how to raise my own vibration and having the tools to transform any fear-based thinking.

Ultimately, I experienced the vibration of soul alignment and now know exactly how to get to this high vibration state to walk on my soul path. Today I live my life from a completely different way of thinking and being that is founded on the principles of flow and guided by the higher wisdom of my soul.

On my journey to soul alignment, I learned how to heal energy blocks, track energy flow, shift fear-based belief systems, shift low emotional states instantly, connect to my inner knowingness and intuition at any time, activate internal power I had previously never accessed, follow my higher guidance for every decision and release the energy of overwhelm and burnout immediately.

What Is Your Soul Path?


You came onto this earth with a soul that intended for you to experience your own unique and authentic power to live your life fully, purposefully, passionately, creatively, joyfully, lovingly, expansively and prosperously. This is what it means to walk in alignment on your soul path.


You’ve heard or felt your soul’s gentle guidance to walk on your soul path when...


  • you seek more meaning and fulfillment in your life, this is you connecting to your soul path.
  • you follow a gut instinct or intuition, this is you connecting to your soul path.
  • you experience states of inner peace, serenity or harmony, this is you connecting to your soul path.
  • you are driven by deep passion for a purpose, this is you connecting to your soul path.
  • you feel fully self expressed, authentic and access your inner power, this is you connecting to your soul path.
  • You feel abundant and prosperous, this is you connecting to your soul path.
  • you walk in faith in EVERY aspect of your life, this is you connecting to your soul path.
  • you easily manifest the BIG things you want in life.


NONE of these things ever happen when there is an absence of flow.


Your Brain Can Quickly Block Flow And Take You Off Your Soul Path Which ALWAYS Makes Your Life Harder


Flow is the exact opposite of what you learned in school. They didn’t teach you in school to find flow FIRST and then take action. They taught you to take action always with hard work, persistence and drive.


As you grow up, the supercomputer of your brain collects all the experiences that surround you and happen to you and populates a belief system in your subconscious mind that creates the identities which you live by.


The identities that are in alignment with your soul path will make you feel powerful, strong, courageous. confident, expansive and authentic. The identities that are out of alignment with your soul path will make you feel powerless, less than, fearful, stuck or struggle.


The easiest way to identify you are out of alignment with your soul path is when there is a lack of flow.


Here are common indicators you are out of flow:


  • You frequently get triggered into overwhelm, confusion, burnout or a pattern of working hard to achieve a result.
  • You yearn for something in your heart and no matter how much action you take, you still can’t get what you want whether it’s in an area of love, career or wealth.
  • You spend any time during the day thinking about what you still need to get done that day or in the future and you constantly stress about your “to do” list.
  • You experience headaches, migraines, backaches, shoulder aches or any other type of body constriction that comes on throughout the day.
  • You have trouble sleeping because you are affected by the challenges in the world, other people's problems, stress in your environment, an unsolved problem, a challenge you are facing or a list of things yet to be accomplished.
  • You can’t seem to break through a financial barrier in your income no matter how hard you try.
  • You can manifest small things but not the big things you deeply desire.
  • You keep asking the universe for answers around your purpose or any other important life decision and you get nothing.
  • You easily get triggered by people close to you that know how to push your buttons.
  • You have weak boundaries with some people whether at work or in your private life that make you feel less powerful.
  • You think the only solution to reach a goal is to work harder.
  • You have thoughts of self judgement, shame, guilt, regret.
  • You still feel the pain of a past painful experience in your life and it holds you back in any area of your life from moving forward.
  • You feel shame for not being further in your life than you had hoped.
  • You have lost passion, patience or faith in having what you want in your life.
  • You are impatient to have a result of something important to you including finding intimate love with a partner, a successful career, clients who pay you exactly what your are worth or manifesting the lifestyle you always wanted.
  • You want to uplevel an important aspect of your life but it takes so much effort to get the results you hope for.
  • You constantly feel stress from an overload of work or responsibilities you have to get done.
  • You think YOU need to have all the solutions to how to get what you want in life.
  • You don't have faith that the biggest things you want can come to you easily or even come to you at all.

All these common situations are not only energy blocks, but they will also ALWAYS keep you out of flow and make your life harder even if you learn new business or personal skills. And it means that you are taking action from a constricted energy which limits your thinking AND your results in your life.


The Birth Of The 4-Step Flow Formula That Makes Getting Onto Your Soul Path, Simple, Easy And You LOVE How You Feel In The Process!

For years, I have been teaching the principles of flow to people worldwide while continuing to download new master teachings that help people live in the higher vibration of their soul path.


When COVID hit in 2020, like everyone else stuck at home in quarantine, I spent the time channeling new teachings that accelerate your journey on your soul path and a NEW formula came to me that changed everything.


It downloaded to me one day and I immediately launched a new online spiritual retreat to test out the formula. This was the birth of the 4-step Flow Formula. It was the game changing formula that allowed everything I learned and taught for twenty years to be distilled down to one single formula that ANYONE can use to transform your internal fear based energy blocks and connecting to your soul path by shifting your vibration through a simple 4 step process.


It's the formula that takes you off the path of trying to figure things out from your subconscious mind that has limiting beliefs, and instead puts you in the high vibration of your soul path where you have access to your intuition, inner knowingness, authentic power, wisdom from the universal mind and the capability to be a masterful manifestor.


The 4 Step Formula is applied through high vibration activation tools that will immediately shift your vibration, your state of being and your thinking. The formula is simple it’s practical and the activation tools used in the formula can be done in minutes.

When you apply the 4 Step Formula To Your Life, You Will Notice These BIG Changes...


Flow is the state you are always looking for especially when you are NOT in flow. Your heart will yearn for calmness, inner peace, serenity, space or self expression. As soon as you apply the 4 Step Formula to your life, everything changes as you move into an aligned state in the higher vibrations of your soul path.


Here are common ways you know you are IN a state of flow.


  • Your mind and body are at ease.
  • You are able to connect to the inner knowingness of your higher guidance.
  • You are free from worry, doubt, confusion, overwhelm, stress, frustration and impatience.
  • You can manifest something into reality with just a single thought.
  • You can create your own life of prosperity even when the economy takes a downward turn.
  • You align with the right people and opportunities that enhance your life and your career.
  • You can find the energy of faith and grace.
  • You can walk though the fog of uncertainty with grace and courage.
  • You can take bigger risks and get bigger reward.
  • Your actions are effort-LESS.
  • You can move through unexpected obstacles with confidence and resilience.

When you understand how to put your life in flow EVERYTHING becomes easier. No matter what problem you face, approaching it with flow will radically change your thinking, your perspective and your actions taking away the charge around the tension, potential pain or hurt that might have other wise been created.


The 4-Step Formula Also Gives You Access To Your Inner Knowingness And The Universal Mind


When you operate your life in the high vibration of FLOW, you access your inner knowingness, connect to your intuition AND you have access to the resources, solutions, ideas and creativity available to you from the universal mind.


The universal mind is a collective consciousness that knows EVERYTHING. Through this connection you channel through information that is beyond your conscious awareness and thoughts that can make EVERYTHING in your life easier and manifest all the good stuff without you having to figure out.


Your soul guidance gives you access to superpowers that know EXACTLY what to do that is in the highest vibration and benefit for your life.


Consider it the goldmine of wealth BEYOND anything you can conjure up in your brain. And the only way you can tap into this unlimited power BEYOND your brain is to operate in the high vibration of flow aligned on your soul path.


When you tap into your own superpower of inner knowingness you have ALL the power at your fingertips to guide you to your goal achievement in the most efficient path with the greatest amount of ease and flow.


Your inner knowingness tunes into your mind’s existing knowledge, your skills, your gifts, AND your soul’s guidance AND the universal mind and OUT comes a truth that you KNOW is the right guidance. When you download this inner guidance, you will find yourself feeling calm, peaceful, aligned, powerful, clear and confident.

Introducing... The Soul Vibration Living 10-Day Self Study Program!

 After testing the 4-Step Formula out with huge success, I decided to turn all the master teachings, tools and activations that make the Formula work and turn it into a 10 day Self Study Program. So now you have everything available to you without needing access to me personally or waiting for my next live retreat.


This is my twenty years of learning, applying and teaching all the principles of soul alignment, living in a high vibration and transforming energy blocks all distilled down into one simple-to-follow, step-by-step,10-day program.


In this 10-Day self study program, you will learn how to experience permanent FLOW in your personal power, your prosperity, your soul guidance and your manifestation power.


The program is a comprehensive step by step guide on exactly on how to apply the Four-Step Flow Formula that connects you directly to your soul path and shifts the conscious places that are out of alignment with the area you want to uplevel in your life right now.


You will learn how to apply the Four-Step Flow Formula to EVERY area of your life where you want to experience more flow and a transformation.




This is a self study program, with new energy transmissions, new master teachings, new guided journeys, new activations and a brand new format so you can consume the program in a self guided journey.


The entire program is delivered to your e-mail box as downloadable links to the materials through a series of 10 daily e-mails.


The reason the entire course is not released at once is because every single video and audio has a very strong energy transmission along with high vibration activation tools. This allows you to raise your vibration by using the activations tools in each module, step by step and integrate these higher vibrations into your body.


When you shift your vibration, you create new insights about your life and the power that you possess. And each new step of the formula continues to raise your vibration higher.


By the time you reach day ten of the 10-day program, you will know exactly how to:


  • Always keep your physical body in flow and release immediately any internal pressure you experience that causes physical constriction in your body.
  • Expand your energy field so you have the energetic capacity to receive EVERYTHING you will ever desire no matter how big it is without any energy blocks in the way.
  • Know exactly how to connect and get personal messages from your soul, how to connect to your inner guidance so you have clarity around EVERYTHING you want answers to and how to be tuned into your intuition to show you always the RIGHT course of action in every situation.
  • Activate untapped power that is the direct source of your authenticity, your confidence, the vibration of your wealth, the vibration of your source of abundance and love and the specific vibration of your higher manifestation powers.


The course is taught through 4 modules plus a bonus module where you can learn each step of the formula spread out over the 10 days. Each module contains videos, audios and a handout so you can easily understand the tools and apply them IMMEDIATELY to your life.

As soon as you register the first module will be sent to you!


This program is specifically designed to show you how to get into flow AND alignment so that as you evolve, the tools continue to support you through your evolution. Every audio and video is attuned to the energy frequency of soul alignment. And the vibration will support you through every step of your evolution even as new inner fears and doubt come to the surface.


You can listen to the program over and over again and will always get new insights and new activations of power because the human psyche is like an onion. Every time you peel back a layer, new energy blocks embedded in your subconscious mind come to your conscious awareness to be healed. This program gives you permanent access to the tools to address the energy blocks as they arise and quickly dissolve the hidden fears that hold you back.


This program will be especially powerful for you if have ANY goal(s) that you have yet to achieve, any unfulfilled dreams, any self sabotaging behaviors you want to dissolve and any energy blocks stopping you from truly tapping into the highest vibration of your personal power, inner knowingness and the prosperity available to you!


Here’s what is included in The Soul Vibration Living 10-Day Self Study Program:


Module One: Living the life your soul intended you to live


In this module you will get a complete understanding of how your brain is wired with subconscious beliefs that can continually put limitations and roadblocks in the way of what your heart yearns for.


And you will be introduced in detail to the 4-Step Flow Formula that connects you to your soul path, the universal mind and helps you override any internal energy blocks of your limiting beliefs.


Here’s the 4-Step Flow Formula


Step One: Find Flow In Your Body

Step Two: Expand Your Energy Field

Step Three: Connect To Your Inner Knowingness And The Universal Mind

Step Four: Activate Your Untapped Power, Wealth, Abundance And Love


In this module you will also be introduced to the powerful activations tools that you will learn in the program for you to use over and over again to shift your vibration which will automatically shift your thinking, your mindset and even transform constrictive beliefs!


And most importantly you will learn how to get the greatest benefit from the program so you see actual change and transformations especially if you know you have energy blocks, constrictive beliefs, self-sabotaging behavior or any fear, worry or doubt about any aspect of your life.


When you know and apply this magical formula you see an instantaneous shift in your vibration, your awareness, your thoughts, your mindset and your actions so that life becomes easier, calmer and you become a magnetic force for what you desire!


Module Two: How to put your body into a state of flow

(Step One Of The Flow Formula)


This is the foundation for understanding what flow is. First you have to know what it feels like. Putting your body into a state of flow is like getting a massage, lying on the beach at a tropical resort and experiencing an inner state of peace and calm all at the same time.


Feeling flow in your body requires shifting into a higher vibration and learning how to anchor that feeling in your body. You will be guided into a state of flow and then ground this vibration and feeling so you anchor the experience into body through cellular memory.


In this module you will be guided into this state over and over again. Once you learn how to do this, you will be able to instantly get back into the vibration of flow in your body anytime you feel stressed, worried, upset or impatient.


Finding flow in your body is the FASTEST way to shift your thoughts. Especially any constrictive inner thoughts of worry, judgement or fear.


Module Three: Expand state of flow and spaciousness

(Step Two Of The Flow Formula)


In this model you will discover the five states of your energy field and why four of them will always keep you out of flow and the one state that puts you into flow and shifts you instantly.


While most people live from a low vibration energy state that is constrictive and makes your life harder, this module will show you how to expand your energy field so you feel spacious and are able to immediately connect to your soul and universal consciousness.


More important, knowing how to expand your energy field at will increases your capacity to receive IMMEDIATELY everything you want to manifest.


When your capacity to receive is increased there is NO longer any need for your brain to create additional effort or struggle to reach a goal, solve a problem or figure anything out.


Your increased capacity to receive allows you to tap into the universal mind to download new ideas, creativity and solutions along with MANIFESTING the opportunities, resources, support or solution to achieve your specific goal.


From this high vibrational state, you will also experience, ground and anchor a sense of abundance in your energy field, your being and your thinking.


In this second step of the flow formula, you will experience the process of integrating your ego’s path and your soul path through the activation processes. You will notice your level of confidence will increase, you will feel more expansive, you will be happier and feel more optimistic about your life.


Module Four: Connect to your soul, inner knowingness and activate untapped power, prosperity, abundance and love!

(Step Three and Step Four Of The Flow Formula)


Your soul came into your lifetime to guide you every single day. Sometimes you have heard this guidance in the form of an intuition or gut instinct.


You don't have to wait for the sporadic moments when your intuition shows up. You can actively connect to your soul and get guidance on ANY subject you want clarity around. Your soul will ALWAYS give you guidance that is the right course of action and for your highest path.


In this module you will learn how to anchor and ground the energy and experience of how your inner knowingness operates in your life and feels in your body so you can access its guidance at ANY time.


You will be given very specific activations to access your inner knowingness superpower. When your inner knowingness superpower is activated, you will receive soul messages and often new visions or purpose filled directions will be revealed. The activations will leave you feeling more congruent, authentic, strong and confident.


Once you have reached the higher state of flow and activated your inner knowingness you will experience direct guidance regarding any goal you need specific answers to regarding clarity, next steps and the right course of action.


You will receive information directly from your soul knowing what is the most aligned path to move forward. And you will get answers to ANY high vibration question you have about your life.


Your soul didn't just come here to give you information. It is your guide and north star to continual evolution on your most expansive, powerful, authentic, fulfilling and prosperous path.


Once you have moved through the first three steps of the formula using the activations in this program, you will be able to move into step four – unlocking your untapped power.


You will get specific activations to access your internal power that has previously been blocked by limiting beliefs. You don’t have to actually know the limiting belief that has held you back. Instead, all you have to do is activate your internal power and you will notice your internal limiting beliefs will shift and you will feel more confident.


As you access more internal power you will feel more confident and courageous in moving forward in the specific area where you seek the most guidance right now.




BONUS #1: Module on How To Live Permanently In A State Of Flow, Alignment, Power and Prosperity! ($297)


In this module, you will learn the simple daily tools you can use over and over to keep you in a grounded, expanded high vibration state. If you have lived your life for years with energy blocks getting in your way that have made your life difficult and affected any area of your life, then living OUT of alignment has been your normal state.


In this module, you will learn how to gently create a NEW NORMAL state of being. So that living in a high vibration of flow, feeling powerful at ALL times, feeling spacious and authentic, being a magical manifestor and living prosperously is now your permanent state of being.


BONUS #2: LOVE Activations That Keep Your Life Spicy, Juicy, Fun, Sexy And Become A Natural Love Magnet ($197 Value)


You were born a natural beam of unconditional love. It is your birthright to give love generously and receive love ABUNDANTLY. Any shortage of love for yourself always translates into a shortage of receiving love from others whether it's in a romantic relationship, a friendship or even receiving from strangers.


In this bonus module you will get a wealth of activations that ignite every aspect of love - intimate love, self love, love from your soul and being in service in love for the world.

You were born to be a LOVE BEAM. In this module you will unleash the love genie that is waiting to be unleashed!


BONUS #3: Wealth and Manifesting Activations That Make Your Life Abundant ($197 Value)


You have specific vibrational settings inside of you for wealth and for manifesting the BIG things you desire. From the day you started school you learned you had to work HARD for everything you want, especially the big things around money, career and even love.


What if you could tap into the special vibrational frequency of wealth that you were born with? That's what you will learn in this module. You get very specific activations that get you in touch with actually feeling in your body and experiencing the energy frequencies of wealth and manifestation so you can reach and STAY in these frequencies!


This is the best program I have ever been to. I now know what it feels like to be in flow and in alignment with my soul. I have the tools that keep me in flow and in connection with my inner guidance.”— Francine M.

This Is The Perfect Program For You...

  • Especially if you want to wipe out forever a pattern of always working hard and burning out and instead live from a place of flow and ease.
  • Especially if you would like a new, easy, practical methodology that gives you the greatest access to the superpower 24/7 of your inner knowingness and soul guidance from a continual place of flow.
  • Especially if you want PRACTICAL, EASY TO IMPLEMENT high vibration tools that will work for you over and over again -- even when you have been triggered into fear or doubt.
  • Especially if you want to transform any self sabotaging behavior that has blocked you in the area of love, purpose, clarity, abundance, wealth, career or health.
  • Especially if you want to replace any doubts, fears or worries you won’t reach a goal(s) you have set for yourself with absolute faith and knowingness that you will achieve or EXCEED your goals.
  • Especially if you are sick of settling or refuse to settle for less than what you want.
  • Especially if you want the universe to bring you MORE flow and speed up the process in reaching an important goal (s) or uplevelling your life.
  • Especially if you want a deeper, real connection and communication with your soul and receive ACTUAL messages consistently (at will) from your soul and get it's guidance.
  • Especially if you are ready to receive a life partner or want greater intimacy within an existing partner.
  • Especially if you want to live in the vibration of wealth so there are NO energy blocks to your financial success.
  • Especially if you want to know exactly how to access within you the exact vibration YOU have inside to turn on your manifesting power.
  • Especially if you want to know EXACTLY how to access your internal source of abundance so that you are always living in the overflow of love and prosperity.
  • Especially if you want to know how to live in faith particularly in areas where you have had doubt in the past.
  • Especially if you have suffered for a long time trying to increase your energy vibration and shift limiting thinking and have had a hard time making any significant change.
  • Especially if you want a specific road map to activating untapped power you had no idea was in you that is the source of making every aspect of your life easier.
  • Especially if you want to integrate your ego and soul path so they are completely aligned.
  • Especially if living a fulfilled, soul aligned life is VERY important to you.


Start Accessing Your Power TODAY!

The 5 module self-study course includes step by step videos, audios and handouts delivered to you step by step over ten days is valued at over $2000. The program retail price is only $597. And there is also a two-pay option of $327 each payment.

This program comes with a RISK FREE policy cancellation policy. You will have the opportunity to review the first two modules of the program. If the master teachings and tools don't resonate with you, you can request a full refund of the amount paid within four days of registration.

Remember, the tools in this program give you immediate results in shifting your vibration. Don't wait to get started. As soon as you register the first module will be sent to you!


"What was so powerful for me from is now I’m really clear on my soul space and the love that comes from my soul space rather than my ego space. And I have the tools now to get me to my soul space" Mary M.

Until this program I understood the concept of receiving and didn’t really feel worthy of it. And now I experienced what it means to receive at a soul level and I feel completely worthy of receiving everything !Ilene U.


Why is the course delivered over 10 days instead of all at once?

Over the years Debbie has offered hundreds of programs and has found that people have the greatest success consuming, integrating, healing, transforming and applying the tools when they commit to immersing in the material over an extended amount of time.

Each video, audio and handout has a strong energy transmission. It's important to allow your mind and body time to integrate the energy transmission while you learn the tools and use the additional activations. Consuming the course over 10 days gives you time to learn, activate AND integrate the energy transmission, activate your internal power, connect to your soul and inner knowingness and your abundant source of internal source of abundance, manifestation, wealth and love.

Once you have learned the entire formula you can go back to ANY activation tool and shift your vibration and connect to your soul, inner knowingness when you feel like you have moved into a lower vibration of fear in just a few minutes!

When will I actually receive each module of the course?

Every module includes videos, audios and a handout. And each module will be delivered to you via downloadable links through a daily e-mail sent over a ten day period. You will receive the first module as soon as you register. Then the following day you will get an e-tip that gives you valuable tips on how to apply and integrate what you just learned in the first module. On day three you will get the second module followed by e-tip and so on until all five modules and e-tips are sent to you during a 10 day period. Here's the mailing schedule:

Day one: E-mail with module one download links

Day two: e-tip

Day three: E-mail with module two download links

Day four: e-tip

Day five: E-mail with module three download links

Day six: e-tip

Day seven: E-mail with module four download links

Day eight: e-tip

Day nine: e-mail with module five download links

Day ten: e-mail with bonus activations on love, wealth and manifesting.

Will this work for me even if I have had energy blocks for years?

YES! Debbie has worked individually with thousands of individuals over the last thirty years teaching these tools and activations and has had immediate results in showing people how to shift their vibration and remove energy blocks.

This work goes beyond just making a shift, it shows you a simple and practical formula that is NOT taught anywhere else that shows you exactly how to connect to your inner knowingness, your soul guidance, clarity you haven't previously find, an instant sense of well being, ease and calm and find within you very quickly your connection to your untapped power, your untapped wealth, your untapped abundance and your untapped source of unconditional love. From this high vibration state of faith, ease, flow and alignment, you can then attract, manifest and create the very things that in the past have been elusive - whether it's a new romantic partner, a new lucrative career opportunity or an increased influx of clients to your business and wealth!

What makes this different than a "mindset" program?

Trying to remove energy blocks in your belief systems from the very belief systems that created and maintain the energy blocks will only make your life harder. This program is the reverse of a mindset program. In fact, you will be highly encouraged while you are taking this program to send your "mind" on vacation while you do the much more powerful work with connecting to your soul through raising your vibrational state and aligning with your soul path. Your soul has access to a "universal" mind where all the solutions you seek are stored.

As you move into higher vibrations, you will notice your mind will naturally shift in thinking, your level of confidence will automatically increase and your own self awareness will skyrocket without any effort and without trying to "fix" or "change" a limited belief. The belief will shift automatically from this process of connecting specifically into high vibrations aligned with your soul. This is all done by "bypassing" your logical mind when you apply the 4-step Flow Formula.

Are the activation tools easy to use?

YES! The activation tools are easy to use, they only take minutes, and you will see instant results in how you feel, how you think, your level of awareness, your access to your own power and inner confidence. And they will quickly become your "go to" tools to use when you need to get back into flow and want to stay there.

You started out as a baby in alignment when you were born. Flow is the natural way of being that your body and soul space is designed for. Your brain learned belief systems that take you OUT of flow in your life. You use the tools so that your brain LEARNS how to stay in flow and override the former ways of being that got you off your path of alignment.

Start Accessing Your Power TODAY!

The 5 module self-study course includes step by step videos, audios and handouts delivered to you step by step over ten days is valued at over $2000. The program retail price is only $597. And there is also a two-pay option of $327 each payment.

As soon as you register the first module will be sent to you!

How This Program Will Change Your Life!

  • Experience activations that bring you greater peace, awareness, expansion, confidence and power in areas you didn't have before.
  • Raise your vibration to match your soul's vibration resulting in a feeling of abundance pouring through you.
  • Learn the EASIEST way to shift limiting beliefs that have previously blocked you and kept you out of flow and alignment with your soul, your power and the abundance available to you.
  • Discover new activation tools to use immediately in your every day life that keep in a high vibration expanded space.
  • Get greater clarity from your soul on what you need to know around any goal you set for yourself or the next step in moving forward in alignment.
  • Shift your vibration and activate your inner knowingness superpower easily, effortlessly and quickly.
  • Learn how to integrate effectively your internal high vibration shifts so you stay expanded and grounded - even when you experience a challenge, curveball or obstacle in your life.
  • Get practical activation tools you can use over and over again to stay in flow and connected to your soul.
  • The 4-step formula leaves you feeling recharged, rejuvenated and in a high vibration state of flow so that everything you want to achieve will feel easy.
  • You will notice your confidence level increases, your capacity to receive the things you want expands, get clarity on any answers you have from your soul and feel abundant down to your core!

This program will be particularly important to you if you are on a spiritual journey and you resonate with any of these:

  • You are feeling called to uplevel an area of your life that you know will make you feel more aligned, authentic and powerful.
  • You have a big vision for your purpose filled work and have set goals for yourself that require you to uplevel your thinking and actions.
  • You want to know how to manifest the BIG things in your life with ease and flow.
  • You want to live from a place of flow, faith, clarity and power.
  • You want a continual flow of abundance always operating in your life.
  • You want immediate access to your intuition/higher guidance 24/7 on EVERY aspect of your life.
  • You have struggled in the past to uplevel any aspect of your life in the past (prosperity, career, relationships, purpose) and still don't have the results you are looking for.
  • You would like real results in your life with zero fear, frustration, self-doubt or hard work!

This Can Be The Year That You Live In The Most Prosperous and Powerful Flow Your Soul Always Intended!

In my three decades of helping individuals who are committed to living a powerful life of love, prosperity and purpose, the biggest challenge to get results is rarely WHAT you are doing, but who you are BEING when you take action.


The lower your vibration thinking and being, the harder your life becomes. Once you fall into low vibration constrictive thinking of lack, limitation, frustration, stress, worry or fear, you no longer are receiving the most powerful resources available to you: the loving guidance and wisdom from your soul, your inner knowingness superpower AND access to the universal mind.


You were born already WIRED to be powerful. When you know how to tap into the genius of your internal power, all the energy blocks that have held you back in any area

of your life are dissolved.


For the past two decades I have been teaching soul alignment to people worldwide. And each year as I channel new master teaching downloads, the wisdom comes with higher frequency transmissions.


The 4-step flow formula came to me last year as a major download that gives a step by step formula that shows you very specifically how to connect to your soul space and LIVE there so you live everyday in flow, alignment, powerfully and prosperously.


This led me to give 5 Soul Vibration Retreats Over 7 months where even more downloads and activations came through me with incredible results with the attendees in just a two day period.


Now, I've taken the 4-step formula, updated master teachings, updated activations and added even MORE activations never released before and turned it into a self study program with audios, videos and handouts making the entire process easy and simple to follow.


This is YOUR time to have what you truly desire with the greatest amount of ease and flow.

—Debbie Lynn Grace

*This Program comes with a risk free cancellation policy. You will have the opportunity to review the first two modules of the program. If the master teachings and tools don't resonate with you, you can request a full refund of the amount paid within four days of registration by 10 PM Pacific of the fourth day. (Your date of registration counts as day one.) After the four-day grace period, all payments are final and no refunds will be given for any reason. No exceptions.

Please note: Debbie Lynn Grace transmits a high vibration energy frequency when she is teaching. These energy frequencies are included in all the audios and videos in the program. Please note this can put you into altered states of consciousness as you move into higher vibrations. Please make sure you take care of your body to gently assimilate higher vibrations into your body and conscious awareness. Do NOT operate any moving vehicles when listening to any of the audios or videos in this program.

Please be aware that this course and all the tools you learn within the course are not a replacement for any therapeutic psychotherapy nor professional medical care or counseling you might be receiving. By purchasing this course you accept and take full responsibility for what you may learn and the feelings that you may develop during or subsequent to this course.